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web design | photography portfolio


the brief

This site was designed as a portfolio photography work of Dorothy De Long. The site's goal was to showcase Dorothy's photography, highlight her artist's statement and give users the opportunity to contact her for photography features and commissions.

my process

My web design process is methodical and user-centric. I explored Dorothy's wants and needs for her new site to establish clarity on the site goals. I then conducted research and gathered information on her competitors to take note of how Dorothy's site can easily be differentiated and stand out in the space.

From there I began designing and have outlined the stages below:



This stage is quick and dirty. With pen and paper, I play around with different layouts. Exploring how best to showcase the necessary information in the most accessible and also visually appealing way.

Click to see the sketch larger in a new tab. 



Once I'm happy with my wireframe, I digitize it in Adobe XD. This is where I can clearly see what elements work well together and what sections need more thought. This tool is perfect for iteration.

Click to see the prototype larger in a new tab. 


adding details

This is where the site comes to life. I pick out typography and colours fitting for the client and their goals, and apply them to the prototype. I create a style tile to accompany the design. 

Click the image to see the detailed prototype larger in a new tab. 

feedback and revision

At this stage feedback from the client is welcomed and incorporated before assets are input and the final design composition is rendered. 

final design compisition 

Upon adding in the assets, links, and icons - the final design is complete! This composition will be used as a road map to build the site and showcase it online. 

You can view the design composition in browser here



Thanks for taking the time to read about my web design process! 

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