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Pancho’s Pantry is an independent bakery based out of east London. The client approached me wanting a new site and branding to match. The client was seeking fun and sweet visuals to indicate to customers the service they could hope to receive from her.



I began by speaking with the client, trying to deduce her pain points with her current site, and trying to pin point the key things she envisioned for her brand and business. From the conversation I was able to deduce what the client was trying to project, the services she wished to advertise, and the way she wanted users to interact with the website.

From this initial consultation I created sketches and mockups for the client to peruse taking into consideration her wants and assembling in the most effective way. I take this step to see what the client gravitates towards before creating fully rendered mockups. This saves time for both parties, and allows the client to add additional feedback once they see what their initial wants could potentially look like on paper.


From the sketch stage, I was able to make a fully rendered mockup. Initially static, the client requested the site be more playful which led to more interactivity in the iconography and animation to the Pancho mascot character.

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