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As the sole creative at Transact, I consistently lead projects and take them from initial concept to fruition. Due to the nature of the company I am unable to share these projects in their complete state. What I am able to showcase is highlighted below within the relevant section:

Iconography Design

As one of the pilot projects at the company I was tasked with re-designing a procedure that is followed once clients of the platform are registered as 'deceased'. The sensitivity and breadth of this topic matter, makes no two cases the same. As such, the re-design had to be carefully considered, and any design and illustration needed to be tasteful, whilst not detracting from the all important content. 

My first steps on this project were to speak to relevant stakeholders to determine the issues within the current procedure, and what was hoped to be achieved by undertaking the re-design. From here, I carefully reviewed the current procedure, before ideating how it could benefit from restructuring and imagery to make it more engaging through processors working through it.

The iconography I designed ultimately became the most iconic part of the re-design, and further went on to inform all further procedure redesigns. The use of imagery throughout the procedure, made the 40+ page text procedure, feel more like a micro site, and subsequently easier for client managers to navigate through quickly to get to the relevant information they needed. 


Web Page Design 

Our intranet is built upon Drupal, and as such a large part of my role has been using my skills to get the most of the web builder to make the site look more modern, and improve the teams visual offering. As a result I have been able to enhance my HTML, CSS and Javascript skills, to gain the ability harnessing the power of coding and clever graphics to create a final project akin to a web page product you may find on the open market. 

I typically begin my web page designs by consulting my 'customer' to ascertain there wants and needs. From this discovery, I will creating wireframe sketches, plotting out all the features need to be showcased. Once I've garnered their approval, and received any additonal feedback I will head to creation.  

I like to assemble all my assets before creating a page online. I take time at this stage of the process to reconcile the graphics that need to be created, and do so. These of course may be amended later, but once these are made, I'll hit the drawing board and get to coding. 

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

initial sketches for different web pages

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

For a look at a personal web design project from start to finish, take a look at my portfolio planning process here.


mockup for web page


Alongside the above, at Transact I often get the chance to get involved with print communications which I really enjoy. This could be anything from taking text heavy documents and turning them in to engaging infographics to designing posters. Most recently I was tasked with designing posters to advertise the staff benefits available at the company.The brief called for something eye catching that encouraged staff to head to the Intranet for more information. You can see examples of both below. 

Creativity Sessions

Whilst at Transact, I was tasked with running a training session on creativity. Daunting at first, 

This task manifested into the 'Visual Design Hub'. A section of the intranet dedicated to sharing design fundamentals, and procedures on how best to utilise Microsoft software that we all possess at work for Visual Design purposes. This was an eye-opening experience for me as I really enjoyed creating the course and leading the sessions. This task gave life to a modest community at work playfully coined 'The Colour Wheel Club', as all attendees to the session received and colour wheel souvenir for their desk.   


intro to sketching and ideating 

examples of my iteration process


creating characters using simple shapes

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