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branding  |  illustration  |  product visualisation

Copper and Mauve is an upcoming bespoke packaging and branding company based out of South London. The company's aim is to provide a personalised service to each of her clientele. As such, she needed branding and packaging that oozed elegance, and luxury to entice the right audience to her products.

Logo Design 

I began with the below sheet of sketches. I like to start my logo design process by getting all my ideas out onto one page as this allows me to identify the best ideas and further develop those. The client advised me which ideas she gravitated towards, and from there I created more formal drafts. 

CM LOGO-1.jpg

The client chose her final logo from this sheet. She enjoyed the simplistic monogram style as this is an element the customer can personalise on her products. 

Once we had the logo, this helped to inform my illustrations which would be used for the packaging. As the logo is monochromatic, the client wanted the packaging to be in sharp contrast; loud and colourful, whilst still luxurious. 

This is where the product visualisation part of the project came in. 


Product Visualisation 

I created these illustration in procreate, playing around with different textures, colours and patterns. The yellow streaks going through the images I intended to be a 'gold-like' finish for a little added luxury.

The client intended to use these illustrations to be printed onto boxes, so I created some mockups to show what it could potentially look like. 



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