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logo design  |  print & digital material  |  social media content

Chanua Health is a charity organization based out of Liverpool, providing support and education to young people about the mind and general health. After getting to know the co-founders, the strides they’d taken so far in business and where they were trying to go, we formed a nurturing relationship which allowed me to provide marketing design services for them across a number of projects:

Neuro Champions

The branding for Neuro Champions was our pilot project. This branch of Chanua Health, provides education to students about the brain. I worked on the logo for it and it's sister project Neuro Transmit. 

Neuro transmit circle logo.png
nc post.png

I also produced social content for twitter and instagram. The client requested uplifting quotes be displayed in a fun and engaging way. 

Hacking Health Liverpool

Alongside this I produced content to raise awareness for the UK's first Health Hackathon in Liverpool which was organised in conjunction with Chanua Health.  



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