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Branding, Content Creation,

Social Media Management



Naomi Mwasambili,

Megan Charles





2016 - 2018 

Photoshop, Illustrator, Buffer, Instagram, Twitter 

Chanua Health is a charity organization based out of Liverpool, providing support and education to young people about the mind and general health.


After getting to know the co-founders and their objectives, we formed a nurturing relationship which allowed me to provide design, marketing and social media management services for them across a number of projects including Neuro Champions and Hacking Health Liverpool

Chanua Health

Neuro Champions

The branding for Neuro Champions was our pilot project. This branch of Chanua Health, provides education to students about the brain. I worked on the logo for it and it's sister project Neuro Transmit. 


I also produced a suite of social posts for both Twitter and Instagram. The client requested uplifting quotes to be displayed in a vibrant and engaging way. 

nc post.png
Neuro transmit circle logo.png

Hacking Health Liverpool

Alongside this I produced content to raise awareness for the UK's first Health Hackathon in Liverpool which was organised in conjunction with Chanua Health.  


Chanua Health Logo

I later designed the logo for the company itself. The client asked for something that would represent the company's dedication to health and wellness. They requested that the logo be versatile and modern. After workshopping a series of ideas, I fulfilled the brief with an intersectional design which drew inspiration from the lotus flower. 

Chanua Health Logo Colour 1 .png

The brand was showcased in New York City's Times Square when Chanua Health were recognised for their work in the mental health sector during 2020. 

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